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I would like to convey my special thanks and appreciation to Balaji, Suresh and Srini from the L2 support team and Srinath from the Telecom team. They took the pain to reach office and stay at office for couple of days during the difficult times Chennai city has faced recently. Also their onsite support was very critical to bring up all the IT infrastructure UP and running as per schedule very quickly.
Thank you for all the extra-ordinary support!!

Subramaniam A

( Service Manager - PayPal )

This is good to hear. I appreciate the efforts you took to streamline the Data and Voice services over a period of time to bring this to a stable state. This would not be possible without your continuous efforts.

Sureshkumar Ganesan

Sureshkumar Ganesan ( GM NSS - Cognizant )

Many thanks for helping us with this upgrade, appreciate your efforts in getting together at a short notice and accomplishing this task.As always thanks for putting this together.

Rajendra G

( APAC Head Voice- Dell )

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