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Company Overview
Founded more than 27 years ago, AGC Networks Ltd. is a leading Global Technology Solutions Provider. Over the years, AGC has been an unprecedented leader as a Solution Integrator with a differentiated vertical approach providing innovative solutions in the following four quadrants in the ICT domain:

With global presence in 12 countries and with a network of offices in India, AGC has 3000+ strong, diverse customer base including Fortune 500 companies. These customers are spread across a broad spectrum of verticals such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Government, PSUs and Defence, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, IT / ITes, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities and SMB Solutions.

AGC has been passionately delivering customized business solutions that help organizations accelerate revenue growth, increase market penetration, optimize operating costs and improve employee productivity, by embedding communication in their business processes.

AGC uses its solution integration capabilities to integrate best of breed products through its key technology alliance partners to provide "End to End" solutions.

Today AGC Networks has grown multifold and is a family of 1000+ employees constantly striving to deliver unmatched experience to its valued clientele. AGC Networks Limited is an Essar Enterprise.

Enriching experience for customers and other stakeholders lies at the core of our thoughts and can be felt in company's acts and environment too. These emotions are not only imbibed but also are reflected in our Vision, Mission and Values statements as well.


Our vision is to grow as a Global organization, delivering enterprise innovation, unlocking value and ultimately creating wealth for our customers and stakeholders.


The long term Vision coupled with the Mission is to drive teams to achieve set organizational goals by creating a 'Happy' eco system.

Happy Employees EMPLOYEES

Provide progressive opportunities and platforms that nurture people to participate, learn and unleash prosperity through constant and relevant engagement .

Happy Customers CUSTOMERS

Co-create with our customers and provide them superior value through our global delivery platform and a class of service that is customized and innovative to meet and exceed their expectations .

Happy Shareholders SHAREHOLDERS

Provide our shareholders an institution that creates sustainable economic value by efficiently managing all classes of assets and led by the highest standards of Corporate Governance .


Enthusiastic Devotion Tireless Diligence Discretionary Effort


Adaptability Agility Global Reach


Visualize Associate Stimulate


Value creation Freedom to Explore Persevering Ambition


Determination Unrelenting Pursuit Involvement


Strong Zeal Driving Force Lasting Energy


Continued Efforts Clarity of Outcome Sustained Success


Integrity Fairness Credibility


We BELIEVE that our ability to predict outcomes can add real value to our customers' quest for success.


We BEHAVE as enablers, collaborating with our customers through our integrated business technology solutions, to shape their higher growth trajectories. AGC Networks Ltd. enables businesses to achieve superior results by designing, building, and managing their communications network.


We know the 'Why of our being' and we make it a point to live every bit of it, touching numerous organizations in the process to BECOME their partner in growth.

AGC history & milestone

AGC Networks Limited, is a leading Global Technology Solutions Provider, with a history of nearly three decades. Here is a look at our evolution :

  • 1986
    - Incepted as Tata Telecom Limited.
  • 1994
    - Tata Telecom appointed as AT&Ts SI Partner
  • 1996
    - AT&T carves out PBX business as Lucent Technologies
  • 2000
    - Avaya Inc. incepted as enterprise business wing of Lucent.
    - Avaya Inc. buys Tata Son's stake to create Avaya Global
      Connect Limited.
  • 2010
    - Acquisition by Aegis, an Essar enterprise.
    - Avaya Global Connect rechristened as AGC Networks
    - Extended footprints across Australia and New Zealand
  • 2011
    AGC's 10 Cube growth strategy
    - Alliances to include global technology partnerships.
    - Solutions encompass the ICT domain including Unified
      Communications, Networking, Data Center & Virtualization
      and Business Applications.
    - Extending footprints across APAC, Middle East and Africa.
  • 2012
    - Presence in US market established
    - Tailored vertical specific solutions devised
    - Alliance partnerships increased to over 70 Global OEMs as
      new alliances and strategic certifications are added.
  • 2013
    - Acquisition of the business of Transcend United
      Technologies, extending footprints across North America.