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Role of Technology

Technology in the last two decades has revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered worldwide, and in India as well. It has greatly aided healthcare-related service providers by enhancing the quality of delivery, reduction in turnaround time of workflows, and thus, the overall cost. Further, technology brings accountability into the system.

Advancements in medical technology are playing a positive role in saving lives. The influence of medical technology is all pervasive – its positive impact is not only limited to the upper crust of society, but has also helped the less-privileged people.

Reasons for Rapid Technology Adoption in Healthcare Industry
  • Regulations in healthcare space
  • Emergence of hospital networks
  • Expansion of hospitals
  • Corporatization of providers
  • Growth of health insurance participants
  • Need for sharing of data between various healthcare participants


AGC is at the forefront in providing customized, innovative, and cost efficient solutions to healthcare providers. Our technology solutions help providers improve patient care through enhanced safety and quality of medical care. AGC, with a strong alliance with over 70 technology leaders, provides the best solutions along with technology competence across different OEMs.

AGC’s Solutions for the healthcare industry enable customers to get benefit from integrated IT and Communication infrastructure through higher efficiencies and effectiveness. Our solutions boost operation effectiveness and provide increase patient care and satisfaction. Our philosophy of ‘Enabling Experience’ across the healthcare ecosystem enables us to address the challenges of providing affordable and accessible healthcare services utilizing IT. Our approach to learning and customizing solutions to meet business priorities of our customers makes us a unique partner.



Admission Solutions

Mobility and Collaboration Applications:

Admission solutions offered by AGC are people oriented and focused on intensive mobility and collaboration for caregivers like nurses or doctors. AGC helps in streamlining the process like connecting, information sharing, and decision making. Different flavors of mobility could be achieved using WIFI or IP phones or software on user’s mobile phones. AGC also offers the latest tabs to the hospitals to provide access to information on the move. Presence applications can also be built-in to let the organization know about the availability of senior staff.

Emergency Connect:

The Emergency Connect Solution enables a blast dial to a specific group of people and takes them to the audio conference. You can create different groups based on different types of emergencies. Depending on the kind of emergency, the emergency department dials a code. Additionally, the system blast dials the pre-configured numbers (landlines or mobiles) simultaneously. The specialists or support staffs, who pick up the phones, join the audio conference to get involved in a two-way communication to know the facts of the case and take decisions accordingly.

Patient Care Solutions

E-ICU/ICU Command Center:

Monitoring critical patients in the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) is of prime importance to the hospitals. While there are individual nurses who generally take care of the same, it is important to have an oversight mechanism in order to ensure better patient care. The Centralized Patient Monitoring solution connects with stand-alone patient monitors and projects on a larger screen for the doctors. The monitoring room can now be equipped with state-of-the-art collaboration solutions so that one can act quickly, once the indicators suggest the need for an intervention.

Unified Messaging Solution:

Most hospitals make huge investments in Information Technology, which often improves the effectiveness of their primary processes, but the benefits of these investments may not be utilized fully due to bottlenecks and gaps in information flow. Smart integration provided by Unified Messaging Suite enables hospitals to optimize information flow and capitalize on existing investments resulting in more efficient patient flow and increased productivity.


AGC provides a cutting edge IP PBX solution to Healthcare providers. The phones provided to the patients and general staff could be SIP or entry line IP phones or Analog phones. Some of the hospitals have started exploring Video phones to enable a better communication experience between internal staff. Redundancy and high availability are key functionalities that we build in from an architecture standpoint. Small call center solutions can also be deployed in efforts to provide better patient experience and to streamline outbound marketing campaign. Mobility solutions like WIFi / IP Dect phones are also provided which are integrated with IP PBX.

Nurse Call System:

Apart from EPBAX, one of the important and ubiquitous communication solutions used in all hospitals is the Nurse Call System which enables the patient to make a request for a Nurse from the bedside itself. The solution could be voice enabled or a simple display based system wherein the request is registered at the Nurse Station. In the case of any delays, detailed analysis, and real-time escalation can be carried out.

Public Address System:

Public Address (PA) System is an essential part of Hospital Communication infrastructure. This typically consists of speakers, amplifiers, controllers, microphones, DVD players, and microphones to make announcements. AGC offered IP-based PA systems that allow easy integration with other IP-based communication systems like EPABX, giving better access to the PA system. AGC provides stand-alone and integrated PA Systems as need be.

AV Solutions/Signage:

AGC’s digital signage solutions enhance organizational communications, streamline messages, and improve patient care. We deliver enhanced experiences, improved messaging and branding, live and on-demand video broadcasts, Quick and effective training for new products/services, and communications to enhance collaboration.

Integrated Operation Room:

Many Hospitals today are utilizing their operation room theaters not only to perform complex surgeries, but also to train budding surgeons/doctors. At places where the specialist is not available physically, hospital management is looking out for solutions which can help remote specialists to assist their surgeons during the surgery. This solution provides collaboration facilities in the operation room so that the same can be used for training purposes by involving experts remotely.

Discharge Management Solutions

From a doctor writing discharge summary to payments, the discharge process can take around 5-6 hours. AGC’s offering of Discharge Management Solution helps doctors record the instructions for discharge summary during routine checkups. This solution further notifies the departments about pending discharge of the patient, thus, addressing the entire process holistically.

Telemedicine Solutions

As we know, in our nation, there is a paucity of doctors. Telemedicine / Virtual Visiting solution aims to provide medical assistance utilizing Video Conferencing and IT Applications. The Doctor and the patient connect over video conferencing which may be hard unit based or a soft computer based end point. The patient details are captured in Telemedicine software and conveyed to the doctor. The doctor can prescribe and give his recommendations which can be printed from the remote end.

Our comprehensive solution covers all the 3 aspects of Telemedicine via – Software, Equipment, and Video Conferencing which ride on underlying data connectivity to deliver remote collaboration services. AGC along with its partner ecosystem is geared to deliver solutions in their entirety.

We offer both Room Based Video Conferencing (if there are limited patients, doctors end points) and also develop Virtual Out Patient Department (V-OPD) solution to connect thousands of patients extending complete medical specialties, simultaneously in a virtual world.

Post Discharge Solutions

Post Discharge Care:

Generally, patients who have undergone surgeries in the hospital are required to undertake precautions of different kinds depending upon the nature of the surgery. Also, the doctors like to keep a remote eye on the patients monitoring key medical parameters like Blood Pressure, ECG, etc., so as to ensure that recovery is on track. The Post Discharge Care Solution from AGC provides remote monitoring, proactive contact as well as On-demand contact to service patients after they have moved out of the hospital premises.

Video Conference:

Video Conferencing is used to provide medical assistance in various solutions like Telemedicine. The Doctor and the patient get connected over video conferencing that may be hard unit or soft computer based end point. Telemedicine captures the patient’s details and conveyed to the doctor. The doctor prescribes that can be printed from the remote end to follow the same.

e-Record Management:

e-Record Management or Electronic Health Record refers to IT platform which connects with all hospital systems and provides a snapshot of all patient related data. All information related to patients like profiles, medical records, and diagnostic details are maintained in an Electronic Health Record. The patient portal provides a front-end to the patient so that they can access their health record and keep the same in electronic format across providers.


Infrastructure Solutions

Server & Storage:

With each passing year, server and storage needs are evolving. Our solutions build storage area network which is capable of processing data from chemistry analyzers to radiology picture. Further, it allows you to achieve information, and at the same time maintain patient data records and email systems. AGC also provides customized server virtualization for letting clients take advantage of this money-saving and resource-sharing solution.

Network Infrastructure:

With all infrastructure and applications converging on IP, building a robust, scalable, and resilient Network Infrastructure is a necessity of time. Moreover, some of the latest applications being adopted by Healthcare Organizations are very data intensive. Utilization of High-resolution images for diagnostics purposes and the need to access them across networks requires high bandwidth data network across the facility. AGC offers end-to-end Network Infrastructure LAN/WAN solutions in the form of Passive Networking/Cabling which is a traditional Copper/Fiber cable designed to carry specific application requirements. It includes a variety of loose tube cables, dielectric to heavy duty double armored, and triple jacketed cables.
Active Networking is the best available ‘value for money’ solution delivering redundancy at different levels and meeting business demands 24 x 7. Further, Wireless Networking solutions to provide Wi-Fi access to enterprise applications to employees on the move.

BMS (Hospital Management System & Hospital Information System):

HIS and HMS platforms are just like ERP platforms which help in capturing all details about operational processes. It has different modules to cater to the Outpatient Department (OPD), Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Inpatient department, Human Resources and Finance. AGC has partnered with leading HIS services providers to create customized cutting edge solutions to healthcare providers.

Emergency Connect:

In emergency cases, it is critical to reaching out to specialist doctors and support staff, check their availability and be prepared for surgeries. The Emergency Connect Solution enables a blast dial to a particular group of people and takes them to the audio conference. Different groups can be made based on different types of emergencies and depend on the type of emergency; predefined department’s code can be dialed.

Data Center Build:

AGC’s comprehensive Data Center Solution portfolio not only addresses Servers and Storage infrastructure but also looks at building’s physical room infrastructure. In this inspection, AGC looks at false ceilings and floors, proper air conditioning, physical security through access control, surveillance, and power solutions.

Firewall & VPN:

A firewall filters data packet to allow or disallow the flow of very specific types of data over network traffic. A virtual private network (VPN) provides a secure connection into a private network over the public network. For Infrastructure security, some hospitals have deployed firewall and VPN appliances, as well as the company’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) systems. Doing so secure Internet gateway and establish secure connections for remote offices and telecommuters to the central hospital network.

End Point Protection:

Symantec Endpoint Protection is an antivirus and personal firewall product leveled at centrally managed corporate environments security for servers and workstations. Healthcare providers see rapid adoption of various devices in the working environment. Security is hence, a primary concern.

Security Solutions

Access Control:

Hospitals have to deal with a large number of people inflows. It is also a very people-intensive business with a large number of support staff being part of the organization. The Access Control Solution with Intelligent Video Analytics and Recording provides both physical & electronic security.

Physical Security:

AGC’s Physical Security solutions have been customized for healthcare. Our solutions improve safety, security, and mitigate expenses associated with day-to-day operations for physicians, employees, and patients. Our wide range of solutions includes Video Surveillance Software, Platforms, IP Cameras, Access Control, and Incident Response.

IP Surveillance:

The Integrated Security and Building Management solution from AGC’s IP Surveillance solutions can integrate elements of electronic security like door access control, perimeter surveillance, etc. Thus, creating a balanced ecosystem of comprehensive premises surveillance.

Document Management Solutions

The digital agenda is set to transform the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers are carefully shaping their plans to reform. At the same time, they know they must stay tightly focused on the present-day challenges of improving operational efficiency, patient safety, and quality care. But, the path to achieving a “paperless” hospital, though tough, has clear benefits. Our solution instantly connects the entire hospital with the information it needs, to deliver better patient care, at a lower cost, and with fewer paper documents. Our Document Management Solutions includes information on Downtime Reports, Patient Admissions, and Registration, Point of Care Capture, Orders Routing, and Patient Identification.

IT Governance Risk & Compliance Solutions

AGC’s IT Governance Risk & Compliance Solutions (GRC) services ensure that different business roles in organization share information intelligently, work in harmony and meet all compliance and regulatory requirements for the business to run smoothly. The Right detailed assessment to designing and implementing the solution, and processes to meet organizational requirements. The IT GRC practice of AGC covers the entire spectrum of services leading to Industry Certifications and Compliances.

Hippa Compliance

HIPAA is an acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This Act was introduced in 1996, but not fully implemented until 2003 in the US. Healthcare customers who are targeting medical tourists from foreign countries specifically US or Europe advertise their compliance with HIPAA standards which has stringent standards for patient data privacy. The list below gives the details of our offerings in the HIPAA compliance space:

  • Hippa Security Rule Overview
  • Hippa Risk Analysis
  • Hippa Gap Assessment
  • Hippa Vulnerability Assessment
  • Hippa Remediation
  • Hippa Contingency Planning and BIA
  • Hippa Security Compliance Internal Audit

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 is the only information security standard which contains 11 domains, 39 control objectives, and 133 controls. Given the explosion of digital data in every line of business, many Healthcare organizations are going for ISO 27001 security certification to ensure that their systems are protected. AGC’s offering related to ISO 27001 certification is given below:

  • Information Security Assessment
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • ISO 27001 Consulting
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Information Security Audit
  • Information Security Internal Auditor Training
  • Information Security Training and Awareness
  • Assistance in ISO 27001 Certificate Maintenance
  • Security Solutions Implementation & Management

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