Customized Technology Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing sector has been the bedrock of economic development across the world.It comprises of various sub groups like Automobiles, Oil and Gas, Mining and Metals, Cement, Energy / Utilities, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Engineering, Transport and Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles and Chemicals. The contribution of the manufacturing sector to the National GDP of developed or developing nations has slowly been declining in relative percentage terms as the services sector grow at much greater speed. Having said that, the sector still remains at the center of all economic activities as it is one of the largest employment generators. We have seen the rise of new economic power – China – based on their focused approach towards developing manufacturing sector.

The business concerns and priorities of various sub groups within the manufacturing sector like Automobiles, Oil & Gas or Mining & Metals. are different. But in a larger context the themes around efficiency of internal and external processes, cost leadership, customer intimacy and business analytics are universal and cut across industry segments. The sector has seen a huge adoption of IT in the last few years. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become the core engine which makes the industry move. Applications related to Supply Chain Management (SCM) helps bring in time, cost and material movement efficiency across organizations or locations. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications have helped organizations organize their activities around their target segment and serve their customers better.

Enterprise Applications like ERP, SCM and CRM. have become the lifeline of manufacturing organizations. Information technology usage has, in a sense, become a tool for competitive advantage as it imparts more flexibility and nimbleness to organizations who can then effectively respond to market stimuli. AGC solutions help manufacturing organizations build reliable, efficient and cost effective IT infrastructure (hardware and software) to support all aspects of functional requirements and to meet business objectives.

AGC solutions for the manufacturing industry enables customers to benefit from integrated IT and communication infrastructure through higher efficiencies and effectiveness. Business applications like ERP or CRM provide for automating transactional processes and serve as building blocks for business analytics. The IT and communication infrastructure solutions ensures that the organization and its resources are available all the time across different mediums to internal and external stakeholders. Our philosophy of ‘enabling experience’ across the manufacturing ecosystem enables us to address the challenges of improving productivity, ensuring customer satisfaction and monitoring business in real-time. Our approach in learning about and customizing solutions accordingly to meet the business priorities of our customers makes us a unique partner.

AGC is at the forefront in providing innovative and cost efficient solutions to manufacturing companies to help them achieve their business goals. We believe in providing solutions addressing the pain points of different stakeholders in the manufacturing ecosystem. AGC has a business-centric approach in providing technology solutions. This, along with our technology competence across different OEMs enables us to provide the best of the both worlds to our customers.

Unified Communications

AGC has been providing cutting edge technology solutions for the last 25 yearsto Indian and MNC leaders in every field. It has addressed sectors like FMCG, Oil and Gas, and Power Generation and Transmission. We enableour customers to better engage and service their customers and to improve their internal operational efficiencies related to supply chain or manufacturing processes.

AGC provides world class Unified Communication Solutions featuring

  • IP based unified voice and video communications
  • Emergency management
  • Mobility solutions for production workers / field sales force / marketing
  • Wireless communication solutions (Radio or other technologies)
  • Customer interaction center (call center or multi-media inbound / outbound solutions)
  • Channel management (backward and forward supply chain)
  • Social media management
  • Video conferencing
  • IP surveillance and access control enabling process monitoring and security
  • Board room / conference/training room audio-video integration
  • Business command centers and process control rooms

Right from providing passive cabling infrastructure to deploying voice, video and data solutions along with business specific applications like unified communication, surveillance and security and call centers, AGC suite of products and services from best of technology OEM partners can help manufacturing companies achieve significant benefits.

  • Most manufacturing companies are spread across different locations. Whether they are manufacturing sites or warehouses supporting supply chain or sales offices across regions, the need to collaborate and communicate across the distributed team is immense. AGC enterprise connect provides
    • 1. Comprehensive network, voice and video conferencing solutions to enable efficient and cost effective collaboration to match your growing business needs
    • 2. A unified approach to all communication needs in different environments, enabling seamless collaboration across different user platforms and interfaces incorporating mobility and radio solutions
    • 3. Customized solutions catering to different stakeholders, from the sales force on the field to the CEO in the board room
  • Your organization’s and customers’ preferences are fast changing. It is important for you to understand the business situation and for us to respond to these changes quickly. AGC interaction center is a solution that
    • 1. Enables you to have a 360 degree view of your customers, your sales force and your supply chain along with product development teams
    • 2. Extends the ‘complaints handling’ or ‘product support’ concept to a larger canvas in order to drive structured intelligence out of different snapshots that the different teams in the company generally capture
    • 3. Provides advanced information about the micro markets that can help transform the supply chain to being more demand driven than supply driven
    • 4. Can also be extended to support employee support related initiatives, thus driving better return on investment
  • The business environment has become more dynamic in nature and it has become imperative to have real time access to information in order to take timely decisions. The complexity of organizations in terms of physical presence and organizations structure has increased, which generally lead to inefficiencies and delays at different levels. AGC command centerprovides
    • 1. Collaborative infrastructure along with business analytics/dashboard solutions for companies to monitor the key performance indicators(KPIs) across the value chain and enable your organization to be more efficient and effective.
    • 2. The ‘Command Center’ solution: one platform for all different functions and sub functions to converge, monitor performances of all different teams based on KPIs and KRAs, identify problem areas or deficiencies in real time and collaborate across functions to take corrective actions
    • 3. Increasing operational efficiencies and cohesiveness in order to respond to external or internal challenges
  • On the safety and security front, AGC offers comprehensive surveillance, access control, boom barriers, building management solution and other related technology solutions for the complete security of your employees and premises. Our comprehensive approach to security includes early detection and assessment of the risk, responding faster and protecting the business to get affected adversely by ensuring seamless mobile collaboration in real time or through automation utilizing IP Surveillance and access control technologies.

AGC has been working with all leading OEMs in the field, and has been at the forefront in providing video analytics solutions in order to turn surveillance solutions into intelligent, self-aware systems rather than mere video capture and store solutions.

For a manufacturing or a production facility, our end to end offerings include building passive network (on optic fiber or copper), designing and implementing active data network, providing plant communication system (desk phones, wireless radio solution, public address system, video conferencing, meeting / board rooms), physical security and surveillance. Our relationships with all major OEM partners and our commitment to quality ensure that the customers receive the best technical solution possible in the allocated budget. Our unified and business centric approach allows all communication system elements to work with each other. It is also customized to work in your environment, enabling seamless collaboration and mobility to your employees and increasing their productivity.


With adoption of IT applications, the LAN requirements of manufacturing entities have ballooned over past few years. Given the multi-location nature of the industry and centralization of IT infrastructure and data center, the requirements on the WAN side is also high. The application usage during production or other related activities like raw material management or supply chain management are so high that an optimal networking platform to handle the load is a necessity.

AGC delivers an integrated networking solution combining passive network and active network components. Our ‘discover, design and deploy’ suite of services enables businesses around the world to implement a reliable, powerful, mission-critical, high-bandwidth infrastructure that can support all applications. End-to-end services by deployment of structured cabling solution enables us to provide end-to-end IP infrastructure on which different business applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or Supply Chain Management (SCM). can run smoothly and securely. AGC provides an entire range of security solutions catering to perimeter security, identification, authentication, end point and content security.

Data Center and Virtualization

Building an efficient and cost effective data center with optimized infrastructure is an important step when manufacturing organizations are adopting IT or upgrading their infrastructure. AGC provides end-to-end design and implementation services enabling data center to utilize the latest technologies of virtualization, private cloud or virtual desktop interface in order to ensure that the investments made in data center yield appropriate results.

AGC has partnerships with almost all leading servers, storage, and information security and virtualization solution vendors. It is optimally positioned to partner with you to provide the best and most suitable technology stack so your organization can build your data center in a cost efficient and business effective way.

Enterprise Applications

AGC provides an entire suite of services related to evaluation, deployment and maintenance of Enterprise Applications like ERP, SCM or CRM. Our domain expertise extends to various industries like Steel, Oil and Power, Mining, Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Shipping and Logistics and Retail. We have expertise on various technology platforms like SAP, JDA, i2, Primavera, Aspentech, and Microsoft Share Point.

Out proven distributed delivery and support methodology ensures higher business value through speed, scale and choice.

AGC has skills, resources and experience to work with you in preparing an IT roadmap. We take into consideration business requirements and future growth plans. Our certified value engineering consultants backed with domain, functional and technical expertise have established industry specific templates to help discover existing infrastructure and business priorities and define possible pathways to optimize and achieve desired state.